About Us

Play-Free.org is a modern gaming site for children. Ever since its creation, its primary focus has been to discover and offer a wonderful array of games to the precious kids. This site was established in 2018 March 04.

The gaming market is one of the rapidly growing industry. It could almost be compared with the box office of Hollywood. And it’s greatly wonderful to be part of it. We are poised and won’t at making great games available which excites kids. We are aiming to get more people who can create good games to join us in the fine art of giving all fun to kids. We are committed to engaging your children to inspire with the interesting games we feature from time to time.

Amazing User Reach

The work we do is highly helpful in bringing more kids to our online gaming site. This is even more so for the people who try and check-in for our online gaming strategies.

Partnering with you

The sole aim of our being here is to make sure you achieve the best of fun. We constantly and optimally revolve towards responding to your issues, questions and generally meeting your desires. We are enthusiastic at hearing from you.

Monthly Updates

We are always interested in making available to you special updates with an objective to become aware of game alterations or editions and providing guidance to secure your children online.


Aside from being gaming experts, we also set up specialized intelligence which makes sure the best games all over the world are made available for the benefits and pleasure of your kids. We dominate based on method and ingenuity.

Trust and Dependability

We ensure we live up to our name, Play-free! We don’t charge kids for playing games on our site or downloading from there. If you are trying to discover an online gaming site you can safely rely on, Play-free is at your reach. We assure you of a great level of trust and dependability as you make use of our site.


We take privacy and security online to be a critical matter. We believe your kid should enjoy in a secure environment. We blend fun and safety.